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It’s Scary Out There

When I venture out onto the street, I get afraid. How do people survive “out there”?

It’s a scary world – particularly if you are a small business owner trying to survive in a volatile economy. The world has become volatile because of Web 2.0 and instant information. As a small business owner, you will focus on those impediments that keep you from moving quickly and adapting, and that could be the government. People are afraid of Big Government now more than ever, even though Big Government is not really that big.

It’s easy to focus on Big Government as the culprit. It’s not going away and it’s always there as an excuse. The real underlying problem is fear. If you’re not part of a huge company or institution, how do you survive? How do you keep your competitive edge? How do you keep getting business? If you as a businessman are competing effectively, the last thing you want to see is your tax dollars going to help those that are not competing effectively.

People are stressed. Things are moving fast. Unfortunately, the solutions are not easy or simple. No one thing is creating all the challenges. The world is evolving. Be active, but not overly simplisitic. This is hard.


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