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From Lone Wolf To Rock Star

Whatever happened to the Lone Wolf? You know, the guy (yes, usually a guy) who just wants to go to his garage and tinker with his car, or build some furniture. These days, we’re hearing more about the “Rock Star”, which is the guy who wants to connect with “the ladies”. That’s very different from what the Lone Wolf aspires to.

It must be our gossip-obsessed culture. There’s not much to write about when it comes to Lone Wolves. But there’s plenty of juicy stuff to write about when Rock Stars are on the prowl.

Don’t fool yourself. The Lone Wolves are still out there, men who don’t play the field (married or not) and who are just fine with what they have, as long as they have a garage to go to.

People in the news are probably more like Rock Stars than Love Wolves. That includes Newt Gingrich and several other “family values” politicians (is that unbelievable or what?). Where are the Lone Wolves these days? Probably just content to be who they are and not make too many waves. Things aren’t really changing. Just the channels of communication are changing. People stay the same.


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