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Here is a theory about people who are “trailblazers”: people who constantly push the boundaries, innovators and entrepreneurs. This is worth thinking about because trailblazers need to leave a comfort zone that most of us cling to. What is it that causes people to leave comfort?

I suggest that trailblazers are driven not so much by the need to be innovative per se, but rather are driven by a need to achieve something that results in innovation. It’s how they see the world. Once they grasp a problem, they are compelled to find a solution. It’s driven by an active imagination. They see the situation as it is now, and then they imagine what could be. The imagination then grabs them and and compels them to leave the comfort zone and develop something new.

The key thing here is compulsion. There is an internal drive to explore that new path once it has been revealed by the imagination. You can no more keep an innovator from pursuing that path they imagine than you can keep a child sitting in a chair for hours. They have to move about, to explore. It’s in the nature of the beast.

The end result is innovation, not so much because innovation is the goal per se, but because there is a compulsion to explore. The area to explore is revealed by imagination. The compulsion trumps an inclination to stay comfortable.



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