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My Review After Watching 5 Minutes of “Reservoir Dogs”

Warning: I only saw the opening scene. Right away, I’ll make this judgement. This movie might be quite enjoyable, but it strikes me as an attempt to make a “cool movie”. These presumably brutal criminals are conversing like college-educated professionals and that’s supposed to be appealing. The idea is: “if brutal criminals can act like this, then I (who am college educated) am sort of like a brutal criminal. That makes me cool! So, I like this movie.” That’s pandering.

I once heard of the appeal of the Sopranos along a similar vein. “The Sopranos are like us” was the claim. It was a poplular show because we could identify with them. Really? Very few Americans can identify with killers, although we might like to think so, because that gives us an “edge.”

Sorry, I’m going back to watching B-grade horror movies. Pure escapism.


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