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Insane Sex

One hears often, from many sources, that human sexuality is akin to madness. It makes us mad.

Consider that most of the time, in most of your life, what you do is about furthering your own aims. Whether it’s your job performance, what you eat or how you find entertainment, these aspects of your life are to help you thrive. There’s a logic to it.

Sex is really different than that. Think about why we have a sex drive at all. It’s to ensure the survival of our species. Actually, that logic is a little backwards. The only species that do survive are those with healthy sex drives. The other species have died off already. So, the “craziness” of sex is the fact that we are programmed to ensure our survival as a species.

But doing something for the species is very different than doing something for yourself. In fact, they are counter to each other. Doing something for the species is often at odds to your own thriving. Creating new life will tire you out and drain your resources. Maybe after they are grown, the kids can help out. But there are many years where the children just drain you and your resources.

That’s why the sex drive has to be so strong. The need to procreate has to overcome your natural instincts to ensure your own survival, not that of the species. Kids generally make it harder for you to survive. Without kids, of course, the species would vanish. Hence, the only species that remain are those that have the “crazy” sex instinct that is at odds with individual survival.

I wish there were a way out…



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