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The “Bad Boy Attraction” Explained

Why is that women are often attracted to “bad boys”, or men who are of questionable behavior, or who might disrespect them or treat them badly?

Here’s a reason: certain women may be more likely to feel shame for their feelings of sexual attraction to men. If not outright shame, then a certain feeling of discomfort about their sexuality. If their object of attraction is a man of questionable integrity, these women feel they won’t be called out for their behavior. If their object of attraction is someone of high standing, they will feel worse in comparison. These women feel more comfortable in relationships where they are disrespected, because they have a negative self-image.

This is of course a generalization. It may explain the phenomenon that has been remarked upon by the likes of Tom Leykis and Adam Carolla. These talk show hosts claim that women bear responsibility for the problems in their relationships when they choose “bad boys”.


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