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Why Couples Succeed

Here are some comments I left in regard to this story about a woman’s marriage that fell apart. I started reading the comments and came up with this:

I think many of these comments suffer from the following logical error: generalizing from one’s own experience. You’ve got those who say “Today people are too selfish”. And those who say “Like the other more than yourself” or “Be best friends”. The situation the author is in could have worked out. It just didn’t. There are other similar situations that did work out.

The bottom line in my opinion is that the couple has to want to be together. There could be any number of reasons for that. It could be that they are “best friends”, but there could be other reasons. Selfish people can end up being married for a long time, and so can unselfish people.

Why do two people want to stay together? Again, tons of reasons. Each case is different. There are no general rules about this. Hope for the best and try to make it work. But it might not work anyway, for any number of reasons.


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