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My Thoughts on US Soccer

Following US loss in the 3rd place game of the Copa America Centenario 2016:

I listened to Cowherd and Whitlock on FS1, and I completely agree with Whitlock. It’s the players. Stop blaming the coach. US players don’t have the same drive or commitment as international. We all let them off the hook because the money is not the same as in other US sports. There is only one way to win at the highest level: insane commitment and insane sacrifice. US players know that 4th is great for us. It’s not our main sport. To reach 4th in this kind of tournament is impressive, given where soccer is in our national consciousness. Maybe we’re all OK with that. Klinsmann is right. US will not play at the highest level until the players commit everything to get there. For little reward, compared to other countries. We’re afraid that if we ask more of the players, they’ll bolt and we’ll have nothing. Maybe that’s true. Until we match the level of commitment seen in other countries, we’ll continue to over-perform relative to the sport’s stature in the US, but under-perform globally.



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