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Don’t smoothies have tons of sugar also? I agree that cutting back sugar and carbs for breakfast is the way to go. The best way to lose weight is to deny your body sugar and carbs for long periods at a time (I mean large fractions of a day). That changes your body chemistry so that it starts burning fat, rather than making you feel hungry when the blood sugar drops a little.
I do full protein breakfast four times a week, and carbs like granola the other three times. The full protein breakfast is: omelette with “egg beaters” or similar (cholesterol free product), and chopped up veggies in the omelette (I use onions and Japapenos) and turkey sausage. That’s it. No toast, no juice, etc.
The extreme point of view on this is Vinnie Tortorich. He likes to use real eggs and pork sausage. He thinks eating cholesterol is not a problem. I’m not there yet. Also, he would not do the granola thing at all.
I don’t think you need to be as extreme as Vinnie. Just make sure that carbs are real low (close to zero!) for about 12 hours every day, or perhaps do this for several days a week. You’ll find your body will become fat-burning. You’ll burn fat and also be less hungry.
I hope this helps.

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